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Monday, March 21, 2011

Don't Call the Movers Yet!


National Geographic recreate Scene from Pixars iconic UP!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Roche Bobois launches Jean Paul Gaultier Collection, Dublin

Thursday night saw the 50th Birthday of the Iconic French store, Roche Bobois, celebrated in their ultra chic store in the Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford. This milestone also coincided with the launch of the Jean Paul Gaultier Collection, a collaboration between the famous Haute Couturier and his fellow Frenchmen.

The collection reflects Gaultier’s originality, playfulness and wit. The new designs including ‘dressings’ of some of Roche Bobois’ most well-known pieces, is a celebration of high glamour and carries the themes of travel, romance and adventure. Leading designer Philippa Buckley gave an exciting talk on the visible links between fashion design and interior design and how their worlds influence and reflect each other.

Gaultier began the collection by reworking famed, and recently deceased, German designer Hans Hopfer’s iconic Mah Jong sofa, itself created for Roche Bobois in the 1970’s. Gaultier paid tribute to the master by keeping the modular seating shape but updating it by swapping the Technicolor upholstery for one of his trademark looks.  He wanted to, “incorporate my signature tattoo prints and sailor stripes”.          
Gaultier also came up with six other upholstery options for the arrangement, with names like Dollar Bill, Tattoo, and Kiss.

He didn’t stop there though, the collection also includes storage units, screens, seats, and other furnishings. The “Ben Hur” is one of the most unique pieces of the collection. A humorous reference to the chariot race in the famous film, the wheeled chair has a curving laminated aluminium structure cradling a velvet upholstered seat that comes in red, green, blue and yellow.

The "Suitcases" are a limited edition collection of a fully functional leather-upholstered and saddle-stitched chest of drawers and storage unit perfect for the orient express.

The distinctive vision of the famed French designer along with Roche Bobois expertise has resulted in a poetic and sophisticated collection, a fusion of sensual materials, subtle colours and iconic pieces and patterns.

Monday, March 7, 2011

"The Family" custom wallpaper design by Lisa Bengtsson


Diane von Furstenberg Launches Home Collection


Home is where the hearth is

Nothing brings a more comfortable atmosphere to a home than having a fireplace. Fireplace design has really exploded in the last year with a myriad of variations to choose from, ranging from the cutting edge to the cosy and classic. With an abundance of new designs now available, it comes down to deciding what style will work best in your home.

Here are my top tips in how to select the perfect fireplace for your home:

1.  Choose gas or wood burning. The choice between gas or wood burning can be a difficult decision to make, as there are great benefits with each choice. One of the benefits of gas is the convenience of turning the fireplace on for instant warmth. Wood burning fireplaces offer a more rustic feel and give you the option of burning different types of wood, offering great scents throughout the house.

2. Plan a budget. You should always set a budget when expanding areas of your house. Depending on the fireplace you choose, there will not only be the cost of the unit, but also of installation. Find out all these costs in a general sense before setting a budget.

3, Use it to accent the room.  It is very important pick your design at the beginning of your renovation project, as it will be become the focal point of your room and set the style for the space. Fireplaces generate warmth and a cosiness that can be emulated with warm colours and soft fabrics. A minimalist design can also be a centre piece to any modern home.

4. Assess the age and state of the home. Have a specialist in fireplace installation come to your house to assess the age and condition of your home and make sure it will withstand the construction involved with installing or changing a fireplace. A chimney and flue structure will need to be considered as well.

5. Choose something that is practical for your needs. Practical is different for every home, and depends on budget and what the homeowner is willing to pay for both the original install and monthly energy bills.

6. Be creative: If you have decided to install a new fireplace in your home, think outside the box, you do not have to conform to what everybody else's idea of what a traditional fireplace is.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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