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Saturday, September 23, 2017

SUZIE LOVES: Fornasetti

Piero Fornasetti’s ‘brand’ as a designer, if I can use the word brand given he was born in 1913, is amongst the most iconic I can think of.  Perhaps it’s the ladies eyes on the ‘face plates’, which capture and hold your gaze that make them unforgettable. There are many reasons to absolutely love his witty, classical and visionary illustrations that transform common objects into works of art.

The face plates (called Tema e Variazioni), which he made between 1950-1988, feature the 19th-century Italian opera singer Lina Cavalieri. Asked what inspired him to create more than 500 variations on the face of a woman, he replied, “I don’t know. I began to make them and I never stopped.”

He was definitely a character! The personal history of this inspired ‘style creator’ is brimming with stories including being expelled from the Brera Art Academy in Milan in 1932 for insubordination and spending 3 years ‘designing’ in Switzerland during World War II.

His designs are unique, surreal and captivating. Cavalieri’s ancient Greek-esque look imbues Fornasetti’s style with a classical look, which is enhanced by the monochrome colouring. The designs have been inventively applied to chairs, tables, trays, crockery, candles, wallpaper and much more, creating inspired ways to bring the brand into your home. Watch this space my friends, for Tema e Variazioni coming to Dublin! ( 
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