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Saturday, September 5, 2015


I have always been creative. From my earliest days as a child, all I wanted to do was colour and make things. Art was a haven whilst in secondary school and it was here that I became initially fascinated in art history and architecture. Whenever I travelled abroad, even from an early age, I would study every detail of my surroundings and how the design and materials of the buildings gave it architectural vernacular.   Leaving Cert and CAO time came around and it was a struggle to decide on what exactly to study.

I was torn between Architecture, Fine Art, History of Art and Architecture and Interior Architecture.  Architecture ended up my first choice and I received a place at Bolton Street. Similarly to maybe a lot of students, I knew quite quickly that it wasn’t a perfect match. I had always been drawn to texture, shape and colour and felt my interest and passion was drawn more towards the Interior and Furniture of a space. Of course they are both intrinsically linked, but I made the hard decision to change course after a couple of years. So I was in a new environment and a new challenge, but suddenly everything clicked for me. I felt I had found my calling and loved every detail of the design phase within the Interior Architecture course.

 It can be extremely difficult deciding at 17/18 what direction to go in. But I really believe you should focus on what you love, and what you think you will always have a passion and drive for In my case, I graduated in the middle of the recession when Interiors seemed irrelevant and not a priority.  After a lot of emails/ phone calls, and networking I received a position with a residential firm! I was able to then travel to California and work on projects in Palo Aalto - or as it’s more well-known, Silicon Valley - for a Dublin based design company. Then 3 years ago after gaining the experience, I decided to go solo and set up my own design consultancy which was a very daunting and scary step.

In my first few weeks I pitched for a large commercial project and I was truly ecstatic after getting that first phone call to say that I had been successful. I was thrilled. It was a gamble to go out on my own. But since then I have had a continuous flow of projects. Now I feel extremely lucky that I truly love my profession and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Keeping inspired is vital to me, so travel and immersing myself in arts and culture is extremely important and something I would advise all creatives to do.

I wake up every morning excited about what the day will bring and what new projects are around the corner. Of course it is extremely hard work and you face many challenges and stressful times. But with every challenge you grow more confident and knowledgeable as a designer.

Interested in a career in interior design? Griffith College offers a range of full and part-time courses in this area. Why not pop along to their next open day on 9th Sept to find out more?




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