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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Model home

Image from British Vogue 
I knew I was going to love Kate Moss’ home, which she decorated, when I read an interview (prior to seeing the photos) where she discussed her design inspirations, which seemed to come mainly from her very cool lifestyle. I was already hanging on every word knowing she'd collaborated with my favourite wallpaper designer, de Gournay. It is impossible not to be awed by the beauty and level of artistry of every single de Gournay hand painted wallpaper.

Back to that interview – Moss was talking about her hands-on role designing Anemones at Light for two key rooms in her house (which is now part of de Gournay’s permanent collection). This wallpaper of "cascading flowers overlapping shards of solar radiance" was designed in silver and blue for her living room because dusk is her favourite time of day “when everything goes silvery blue from the light of the moon”. For the bathroom, Moss changed the colour scheme to pastels and neons to create the mood when the sun is just coming up at a festival, and you have that glowy light.
Image as above 
 She is just effortlessly cool and can only hope I love daybreak’s glow at festivals when I’m 43! Only this inimitable icon with mega style can visualise a traditional wallpaper with psychedelic streams of colour flashing through it and nail it.

Inspired by the bathrooms from old Hollywood movies (which is one of my favourite styles) she put in a claw-foot tub, a crystal chandelier and a chesterfield sofa. Where Kate and I part is her additional planning - to create a fabulous bathroom for friends where they can end up at her house parties.

The supermodel debuted her talent for interior design in 2015 with a luxury home project (5 barn houses) in the Cotswolds, in a collaboration with the design company YOO (the owner was her good friend). The results were impressive and whilst Moss used the skills of interior designer Katie Grove—incidentally, her ­former personal assistant for her own house, she takes the credit for most of the designs and ideas.
Image from My Domaine 

The overall look of her home chimes with the Kate Moss we all recognise – who masters eclecticism, colour and an effortless mix of fabrics, patterns and design styles. Her home is utterly stylish and beautifully done. I can't say I wasn't nervous it might be a bit try hard (because some celeb homes are) or self-indulgent with images of herself or famous people. She's done herself proud and her interior design is very much a harmonious extension of her stunning wardrobe.


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